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Along the islands "main road" in the Western District (first picture) you will encounter beautiful Leone Bay, long steeped in legend, it is said that this is the place missionaries from Tonga first landed on Tutuila.
A drive that will surpass anything from Jurasic Park, the road from Leone then enters what can best be described as "breath-taking" as you look down upon Malota Bay
In contrast to Malota, from the steep road between Mt Alava and Rainmaker, looking back over Pago Harbor you can see Mt Matafau the highest point on the island and a decent days climb.
There are more pages of pictures, but let me introduce myself, my home, and what was my office at the American Samoa Community College in the village of Mapusaga - and my boat; wrecked on the reef during the Samoa's Cup 1996 (by a visitor from the Apia Yacht Club)