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The "Fono" or Legislative House of the Territorial Government and below is
"Sadie's" that some may argue is the finest dining on the island.
A view of Rainmaker from the Pago Airport at Tafuna with a harbor view from the village of Utulei
Though often refered to as "Pago" the village of Fagatogo is the urban and commercial center of the  Islands.
From the top, a view of the Police Headquarters, build over 60 years ago; followed by the historic 1900 Territorial Courthouse; then "bus" traffic in "downtown"
From the top, a view of Goat Island (location of the Rainmaker Hotel) looking "into" Pago harbor;  followed by the "dock" area and a view of the only interisland water transportation between Tutuila and Apia to the west, the MV Salimasina.
The LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Only hospital in the Territory, next stop; Honolulu.
A place to enjoy the harbor, the Pago Pago Yacht Club is a pleasent respite on Sunday afternoons