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These 5 pictures show the village of Pavaii'ai in the Western District (photo in the upper right). The Tafuna plain as seen from the road to Aloau' (upper left).  looking towards Mt Tau' over some homes (lower left and bottom right)
In the middle right you can see the strip mining of lava cinder for construction purposes.  Erosion and loss of habitat from over population (65,000 on 76 square miles) is impacting many native flora and fauna.
Above, the VIP Fale at the college, site of all official ceremonial events.
Below, a lone palm tree stands in the evening trade winds with Matafau in the background.
Samoa is a land of contrasts; these two pictures illustrate my point.  On the top is whats left of the world famous Cable Car over Pago Harbor - to the bottom, a coastal beach on the Eastern end of the island.