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A Samoan "Siapo".  A finer detailed variety of "Tapa" cloth
A famous "Fautasi" or Longboat race on Pago Pago Harbour.  Rainmaker is the mountain in the background
Manua, site of the only US National Park south of the equator
Tafuna (Pago Pago) International Airport (circa 1968).  The first soil set foot on by Apollo 13 Astronauts.
An tropical evening view along the coast of Tutuila, the main island of American Samoa
Famous People & Places
The final home of Robert Louis Stevenson - VAILIMA (Western Samoa)
Once upon a time, when Europeans were afraid of "the edge of the world"
Polynesians had already conquered the vast Pacific ocean; this book tells their story.
Aggie Grey, legendary innkeeper and the "model" for Mitchner's "Bloody Mary"... her hotel in Apia has been world famous for over half a century.
Chan'te, (Innkeeper in the Territory) her Talolo Lodge located near Tafuna Airport provides an excellent base from which to explore Samoa.  Her hospitality rivals only her knowledge of the islands.